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Find here all small business acts and startup acts from African countries

Algeria2017SBALaw n° 17-02 on the Development of Small and Medium-sized EnterprisesDownload
Benin2005SBADecree on the National Charter for SMEsDownload
Botswana2004SBAAct to establish the Local Enterprise AuthorityDownload
Burkina Faso2017SBALaw n° 015-2017/AN establishing a Law on Orientation and Promotion of SMEsDownload
Cameroon2010SBALaw n° 2010/001 on the Promotion of SMEs in Cameroon (amended by Law n° 2015/010)Download
Côte d’Ivoire2014SBALaw n° 2014-140 on the National Policy for Promotion of SMEsDownload
Côte d’Ivoire2023SAExpected
Djibouti2013SBADecree n° 2013-121/PR/MHUE on Regulation and Qualification of Very Small BusinessesDownload
DRC2022SALaw n° 22/030 relating to the Promotion of Entrepreneurship and StartupsDownload
Ethiopia2022SAStart-up Businesses Proclamation [Draft]Download
Gabon2005SBALaw n° 016/2005 on the Promotion of SMEsDownload
Ghana1981SBAThe National Board for Small-Scale Industries ActDownload
Kenya2012SBASmall and Micro Enterprises ActDownload
Kenya2021SAStartup Bill [Draft]Download
Mauritius2017SBASmall and Medium Enterprises ActDownload
Mali2019SAMali Startup Act (PDF currently unavailable)
Morocco2002SBALaw n° 53-00 establishing the SMEs CharterDownload
Niger2010SBAOrdinance n° 2010-88 instituting the SME CharterDownload
Nigeria2022SANigeria Startup ActDownload
Senegal2008SBALaw n° 2008-29 on the Promotion and Development of SMEsDownload
Senegal2020SALaw n° 2020-01 on the creation and Promotion of StartupsDownload
South Africa1996SBANational Small Business ActDownload
Tunisia2018SALaw n° 2018-20 relating to StartupsDownload
Zambia1996SBASmall Enterprises Development ActDownload

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