The map below shows all the Small Business Acts and Startup Acts in Africa

Are you looking for inspiration about Entrepreneurship Policy? Do you want to know what kind of support entrepreneurs receive in neighboring countries? Or are you simply curious how ‘startups’ are defined in legislative acts?

Entrepreneurship Policies exist in many countries, but figuring out which law is applicable where is difficult and time-consuming. That is why we at i4Policy have done that work for you. A PDF-version containing the original text of the legislation is also provided, so you have everything you need right here!

Algeria2017SBALaw n° 17-02 on the Development of Small and Medium-sized EnterprisesDownload
Benin2005SBADecree on the National Charter for SMEsDownload
Botswana2004SBAAct to establish the Local Enterprise AuthorityDownload
Burkina Faso2017SBALaw n° 015-2017/AN establishing a Law on Orientation and Promotion of SMEsDownload
Cameroon2010SBALaw n° 2010/001 on the Promotion of SMEs in Cameroon (amended by Law n° 2015/010)Download
Côte d’Ivoire2014SBALaw n° 2014-140 on the National Policy for Promotion of SMEsDownload
Côte d’Ivoire2023SAExpected
Djibouti2013SBADecree n° 2013-121/PR/MHUE on Regulation and Qualification of Very Small BusinessesDownload
DRC2022SALaw n° 22/030 relating to the Promotion of Entrepreneurship and StartupsDownload
Ethiopia2022SAStart-up Businesses Proclamation [Draft]Download
Gabon2005SBALaw n° 016/2005 on the Promotion of SMEsDownload
Ghana1981SBAThe National Board for Small-Scale Industries ActDownload
Kenya2012SBASmall and Micro Enterprises ActDownload
Kenya2021SAStartup Bill [Draft]Download
Mauritius2017SBASmall and Medium Enterprises ActDownload
Mali2019SAMali Startup Act (PDF currently unavailable)
Morocco2002SBALaw n° 53-00 establishing the SMEs CharterDownload
Niger2010SBAOrdinance n° 2010-88 instituting the SME CharterDownload
Nigeria2022SANigeria Startup ActDownload
Senegal2008SBALaw n° 2008-29 on the Promotion and Development of SMEsDownload
Senegal2020SALaw n° 2020-01 on the creation and Promotion of StartupsDownload
South Africa1996SBANational Small Business ActDownload
Tunisia2018SALaw n° 2018-20 relating to StartupsDownload
Zambia1996SBASmall Enterprises Development ActDownload



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